Custom CRM Development Services

A custom CRM system is a specific software product, built according to the business goals of a company. Such customized solutions let you not only effectively manage your relationships with existing customers, but also increase the attractiveness of your business for potential ones. Using all the necessary tools of the CRM system such as customer lifecycle and workflow management, easy statistics generation, user roles and permissions settings, you can track and optimize all the stages of building relationships with your customers.

Chatbot development services

Chatbot can help you when you need a solution for eLearning, Healthcare, Fintech, and other industries. Whether you need an artificial agent to convert visitors into leads, help customers or conduct employee onboarding, we've got you covered.

Media solutions

We help media companies bridge the vast gap between their executive leadership and understanding and adoption of technology. Advanced media software services/ solutions helps companies adapt to the rapid advances in the industry and quickly address the needs of the market while being agile and fast. We have a team of qualified experts who develop solutions which help you integrate all your channels for distribution on one platform and service information fast to a global audience.

Cloud Computing

We are a team of talented and trained members who provide end to end consulting on cloud computing deployment. We help our partners focus on their core operations and make their business efficient and profitable.

Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation refers to the technology enabled automation of processes in order to accomplish specific workflows at reduced costs. It is a strategic decision which is not aimed at automation, but making business workflows more cost-efficient, streamlined, error-proof and accessible. A business process automation solution orchestrates the flow of information and tasks between workers and systems, to increase process efficiency. This involves integration and use of various software applications and optimization of human resources. Processes involved span across different segments of company activities, including sales, management, operations, supply chain, human resources and information technology.

Machine Learning & AI

For a wide array of tasks, machine learning is superior to traditional software designs. It stands behind state-of-the-art search engines, real-time data science, digital security, and artificial intelligence software. We can help you boost services and outperform the competition with the power of AI.